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Uruguay Primera Division:Round Four

Created on 14 Sept., 2013 7:25 PM GMT

Three matches on Saturday at 14:30(EST)

Juventud vs Wanderers

The winning team shall remain the same. After an unexpected defeat over Defensor Sporting, Saralegui will utilize the same eleven against Wanderers. Likewise, Wanderers won their last match and will not make any changes.

Wanderers line-up: Martin Rodriguez, Emiliano Diaz, Gaston Bueno, Martin Diaz, Maximiliano Olivera, Santiago Martinez, Guzman Pereira, Mauricio Gomez, Matias Santos, Diego Riolfo, Rodrigo Pastorini

Juventud lineup: Martin Gongora, Marcelo Rodriguez, Dario Flores, Darwin Torres, Silvio Dorrego, Alejandro Reyes, Emiliano Romero, Rodrigo Viega, Gaston Otreras, Jaime Baez, Nestor Silva

Sud America vs Miramar Misiones

Sud America and Miramar were promoted to the first division this year. The only point Miramar have obtained was in their first fixture against Rentistas.

Sud America has surpassed expectations and has been the “surprise club" of the Apertura with two wins and one loss. Sud America is the favourite to win the match.

Sud America probable lineup: Javier Irazun, Maximiliano Pereiro, Rodrigo Mieres, Edgar Martinez, Adrian Argacha, Fabian Yantorno, Richard Pellejer, Federico Gallego, Javier Favarel, Santiago Gonzalez, Juan Manuel Cobelli

Miramar lineup: Adrian Berbia, Martin Cardozo, Luis Maldonado, Pablo Pallante , Facundo Tealde, Marcelo Broli, Jhony Galli, Jonathan Rios, Juan Guardado, Jordan Mosquera, Ignacio Colombini

Danubio vs Nacional

Nacional is one of the leading competitors for the Apertura title. Currently, Nacional is leading the Apertura table along with River Plate and El Tanque. Danubio is two points behind the leaders and are looking to put a stop to Nacional’s winning streak. It’s expected that Danubio will put on a great performance as they usually do against the bigger teams in Uruguay. This will be the match to watch on Saturday.

Nacional lineup: Jorge Bava, Pablo Alvarez, Ismael Benegas, Guillermo De los Santos, Juan Manuel Diaz, Alvaro Fernandez, Diego Arismendi, Carlos De Pena, Ignacio Gonzalez, Richard Porta and Ivan Alonso.

Danubio lineup: Salvador Ichazo, Hugo Soria, Jadson Viera, Emiliano Velazquez, Pablo Lima, Camilo Mayada, Gonzalo Porras, Federico Ricca, Fabian Canobbio, Liber Quinones, Jonathan Alvez

On Sunday there will be five fixtures:

River Plate vs Liverpool

River Plate has been the most impressive club in the Apertura. Before the Apertura began, River participated in the Sudamericana Cup and was the only Uruguayan club to pass the first phase. In the second phase they were eliminated but demonstrated to have a strong squad. River Plate performance in the Sudamericana led to the anticipation they were going to be one of the leaders for the Apertura title. Currently, they are positioned first.

Liverpool began the season with a good start by defeating Defensor Sporting but have been unable to grab another win. River is the favorite for this match.

River Plate lineup: Damian Frascarelli, Luis Torrecilla, Cristian Gonzalez, Flavio Cordoba, Lucas Olaza, Janderson Pereira, Hamilton Pereira, Caludio Inella, Cristian Techera, Michael Santos, Sebastian Taborda

Liverpool lineup: Guillermo De Amores, Agustin Pena, Martin Bonjour, Andres Lamas, Christian Almeida, Raul Ferro, Gonzalo Freitas, Andres Ravecca, Paulo Pezzolano, Gustavo Alles, Rodrigo Aguirre

Cerro vs Rentistas

Cerro probable lineup: Rodrigo Odriozola, Pablo Melo, Alejandro Lago, Daniel Leites, Juan Ramon Curbelo, Rodrigo De Oliveira, Mauricio Alonso, Claudio Dadomo, Hugo Silveria, Gustavo Varela, Julio Aguilar,

Rentistas lineup:Guillermo Reyes, Sebastian Ramirez, Ignacio Ithurralde, Sebastian Sellaneds, Andres Silva, Gonzalo Camargo, Gonzalo Bazallo, Rodrigo Vazquez, Gabriel Costa, Danilo Coccaro, Guillermo Maidana.

El Tanque vs Cerro Largo
Time: 14:30(EST)

El Tanque Sisley has not lost any of their fixtures. They put on a great performance against Miramar in their last fixture and are looking to repeat it on Sunday.

El Tanque Sisley lineup: Nicola Perez, Juan Pablo Fagundez, Guillermo Diaz, Jefferson Moreira, Andres Aparicio, Nelson Techera, Jonathan Iglesias, Gaston Martinez, Juan Marcarie, Santiago Lamanna, Cristian Palacios.

Cerro Largo lineup:Ramiro Bentancur, Raul Echandia, Adrian Romero, Alejandro Acosta, Mauricio Ruiz, Guillermo Moretti, Rodrigo Alvez, Rino Lucas, Hernan Fenner, Adolfo Lima, Enzo Borges

Defensor Sporting vs Fenix

Time:14:30 (EST)

Defensor have resorted to their youth players in hopes of turning their season around. The manager, Tabare Silva has given three youth players, Mauro Aramberri, Brain de Souza and Santiago Charamoni the opportunity to debut for the Defensor first team this Sunday. Fenix is also going into this game with a few lineup changes. The Apertura has not gone well for both sides. Both clubs are hoping to grasp a win this Sunday with their lineup changes.

Defensor lineup: Martin Campana, Emilio Zeballos, Matias Malvino, Ramon Arias, Gaston Silva, Felipe Gedoz, Mauro Aramberri, Brain de Souza, Nicola Olivera, Giorgian De Arrascaeta, Santiago Charamoni

Fenix lineup: Rafael Garcia, Juan Alvez, Macimiliano Perg, Ignacio Pallas, Rodrigo Rojo, Gonzalo Papa, Hugo Silveira, Hernan Novick, Maximilliano Perez, Bryan Aldave, Nicolas Royon.

Racing vs Peñarol
Time: 14:30 (EST)

The captain is back and ready for action. Dario Rodriguez has completed his sanction and will be in the starting eleven this weekend. Along with Dario, Joe Bizera will also debut for the 2013 Apertura.

Penarol have still not won a game and it’s speculated with the return of the captain plus the changes Alonso made to the line-up. This will be the match Penarol may be able to get their first win. 

Penarol lineup: Danilo Lerda, Emiliano Albin, Joe Bizera, Gonzalo Viera, Dario Rodriguez, Marcel Novick, Luis Aguiar, Jorge Rodriguez, Antonio Pacheco, Marcelo Zalayeta, Jonathan Rodriguez.

Racing lineup: Jorge Contreras, Gonzalo Aguilar, Rodrigo Brasesco, Pablo Lacoste, Enzo Ruiz, Ernesto Dudok, Carlos Diaz, Agustin Gutierrez, Luis Gorocito, Diego Zabala, Jorge Gonzalez

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