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Warner alleges he was bribed by FIFA

Created on 27 Apr., 2013 4:10 AM GMT

Former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner has claimed he was bribed in order to support Sepp Blatter's bid for presidency in 1998.

Warner – who was caught up in allegations of bribery when opposing Blatter's latest election, in 2011 – said he made a deal with then-FIFA president Joao Havelange of Brazil to support the controversial Swiss administrator.

Warner said he was given four million pounds, put towards a training centre in Trinidad, to give Blatter backing in the CONCACAF region. The 70-year-old, of Trinidad and Tobago, stepped down from his country's government earlier this week after being accused of fraud. And without any association, he made true on his vow to expose FIFA after he lost his role with football's world governing body, sending the accusations in a speech to the media on Friday.

''I told Havelange that, through him, Blatter will get CONCACAF's total support,'' said Warner, who promised to deliver the votes needed.

''Blatter had been at this time the most hated FIFA official by both the European and African confederations. I was Blatter's idol then and he was mine.''

Blatter beat Lennart Johansson in the vote for FIFA presidency in 1998.

Warner said that Blatter would never have seen the light of day as president of FIFA' without his support. He also published documents which allegedly show Havelange discussing the transfer of funds with him. The Brazilian is accused of changing FIFA's loan of four million pounds into a donation to him and the Carribean Football Union. FIFA released a brief statement in response to the latest allegations from Warner, who may face legal action after his latest claims.

It read: "In general, anyone who has any substantiated allegations to make is welcome to address such allegations to the relevant bodies at FIFA, including the independent Ethics Committee."

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