Kieran Guilbert

Why Wayne Won't Walk

Created on 09 Mar., 2013 8:24 PM GMT

As soon as the team sheet was announced, one of the most eagerly awaited Champions League ties in recent years paled into insignificance. The evening of Tuesday 6th March was suddenly no longer about Manchester United or Real Madrid, or the duel between Sir Alex Ferguson and José Mourinho. Even at the end of the night, the debate was not about United’s tactical discipline, nor Nani’s shock sending off.  The glare of the media spotlight instead shone on a substitute, a relationship, and a decision that was ultimately justified by the ensuing performance. Every punter, pundit and journalist turned their attention to Wayne Rooney, and his allegedly inevitable and imminent exit from Manchester United.

Something to start a debate? Certainly. An easy way to sell papers? Undoubtedly. A clear example of lazy journalism? Crystal clear.

Forget the endless, baseless and senseless analysis of why Rooney is on his way and read on to learn why Wayne won’t walk away from Manchester United.

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