Kieran Guilbert

Why Wayne Won't Walk

Created on 09 Mar., 2013 8:13 PM GMT

United on the march

Much has been said about the quality of this Manchester United side, and unfavorable comparisons have been made with the 1999-2000 treble winning team. Many have claimed that United have been the best of a bad bunch this season, the ‘least poor’ of the title contenders. While it is true that Manchester City have been oddly inconsistent, and Chelsea have lacked bite under Rafael Benitez, one only need look at United’s 12 point lead to appreciate their dominance. If Ferguson’s men continue on this form (from a points-per-game average), they will set the Premier League points record with 96 - beating Chelsea’s 95 point haul from 2004/05 – and win a record twentieth league title.

While the Champions League loss was a huge blow to United, Rooney is part of a side that looks capable of dominating the Premier League for the next few years. Ferguson appears as hungry for success as he ever has been, and the defeat to Madrid will only inspire him further in Europe next season. Why would Rooney leave a club that seems set to go from strength to strength?

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