Xoel Cárdenas

Xoel Cárdenas


Xoel Cárdenas has a huge passion for sports. He believes sports is the moving art that we all admire, or if not, at least respect. Cárdenas has a B.A. in Professional Writing and an M.A. in English, both from Weber State University.

He is a La Liga BBVA expert, and particularly a FC Barcelona expert. Cárdenas has been a life-long Culé and is passionate about writing about Spanish football.

Cárdenas also enjoys writing about how sports teach us life lessons. Greatness can be achieved in sports and he believes that it can be accomplished in people's "ordinary" lives. It may not have the same fanfare, but if sports fans put their accomplishments in the same perspective others put sports, he believes that people would see the greatness and the beauty of their own lives.

Cárdenas' family background is of Ecuadorian and Spanish descent. He enjoys hearing from his readers and encourages them to respectfully comment on any of his articles.