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Zeman accuses officials of bias

Created on 23 Dec., 2012 3:21 AM GMT

Roma coach Zdenek Zeman has complained of poor officiating against his side, claiming bigger Serie A clubs are favoured by referees.

The 65-year-old believes that his team carry less political power than other big clubs and as a result has to work harder on the pitch.

"It's not me who is an irritant for the establishment, it's Roma," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"The club is not included in the group that counts for political weight. In order to get into the top teams, we have to work better than the others on the field and earn power.

"The referees can whistle two or three big decisions against you."

Zeman refused to speak with the media after his side lost to Chievo 1-0 last Sunday, but conceded that the fault for a number of lost points this season does not lie entirely with referees.

"Roma have not achieved what they could have. I would've been happier with the 15 points we lost along the way, though some of it was our own fault," he said.

Roma in sixth place in Serie A with 29 points from 17 fixtures.