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10 Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

Created on Feb. 01, 2014 8:20 PM EST

Prop bets are the crown jewel of Super Bowl betting. They're extensive, they're borderline outrageous and they make watching the game just a little bit more exciting, because when else will you have the chance to sit on the edge of your seat praying that Percy Harvin scores a first half touchdown (+400)? You probably won't, so that's why it's important to take advantage of this glorious opportunity to bet on anything and everything. Literally. I just downloaded a PDF of the prop bets from the LVH SuperBook that's 44 pages long. Yes, you read that right -- 44 pages. So without further adieu, let's get into the 10 most intriguing prop bets for this year's big game:

  • Will either team score three straight times? (Yes -175; No +155)

On Sunday you'll be looking at the number one offense in the league going up against the number one defense in the league. Unstoppable force meeting immovable object and all of that physics stuff. The Seahawks defense, their ferocious secondary included, is going to come out looking for blood early on and although Peyton Manning will likely make his adjustments and get into a rhythm eventually, that Seattle defense is going to want to shake things up as much as possible to keep Denver on its toes. Scoring three times in a row happened nearly every week in the regular season for Denver, but I don't see it happening on Sunday at MetLife.

  • Total field goals made by both teams: O/U 3.5 (+130/-150)

The over looks pretty tempting here, especially when you realize that it works out to two field goals for each team. Both Matt Prater of Denver and Steven Hauschka of Seattle were two of the most reliable kickers in the NFL during the regular season and they both have the leg strength to hit from long distances, so I don't think each of them hitting two field goals over the course of a game that will likely feature a good amount of scoring is too far-fetched of an idea.

  • Largest lead of the game for either team: O/U 13.5 (-175/+155)

Take the under on this one and thank me later. I don't see either team building that big of a lead at any point in this game. Seattle's defense is too good to allow them to fall behind by two touchdowns and the Denver offense is too good to not fight back if they find themselves in an early deficit. Basically, it's going to be a battle of attrition on the field on Sunday, with each team trying to wear the other down. Baltimore was able to build a 22-point lead over San Francisco last year before the Niners fought back to make it a game, but before that, the last Super Bowl to feature a 14-point margin at any point was Super Bowl XLIV between Indianapolis and New Orleans, and that was only the result of a late-game interception return for a TD by Tracy Porter to seal the win for the Saints.

  • Will there be a safety scored? (Yes +550; No -800)

I wouldn't go too crazy with this one, but I might have a little fun with it, solely for the fact that a safety has now been scored in the last two Super Bowls and in three of the last five. In all, there have been eight safeties scored in Super Bowl history, and with a defense as opportunistic as Seattle's, I'd say the odds of a safety being scored on Sunday are slightly higher than usual. Plus, weird things always tend to happen in Super Bowls and safeties are what's hot right now.

  • Will the game be tied after 0-0? (Yes +105; No -125)

I've been basing most of my predictions on the fact that I think we'll see a pretty competitive, close Super Bowl on Sunday, much like the last six or seven Super Bowls, so I don't think seeing the Broncos and Seahawks tied up again at some point during the game is too complex of a concept to envision.

  • Will Russell Wilson score a touchdown? (Yes +500; No -700)

I'll admit that I'm a little confused by this line. I realize Wilson has had a fairly tame postseason, statistically speaking, with only one touchdown in Seattle's two games thus far, but in what I envision to be a back-and-forth game with quite a bit of scoring, I can't see Wilson going the entire game without contributing something to the scoring, whether it be a touchdown pass or a run. While Marshawn Lynch is likely to be the Seahawks' most potent offensive weapon on Sunday, I wouldn't count out the dynamic second-year quarterback who has proven that he's no stranger to the big stage.

  • Will the Seahawks score a rushing touchdown in the first half? (Yes +150; No -170)

Denver's defense gave up 15 rushing touchdowns during the regular season, putting them at 23rd in the league when it came to defending against touchdowns on the ground, and Seattle has one of the most formidable rushing attacks in the league with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. The odds seem good that if Seattle gets into the endzone in the first half, there will be Skittles raining down from skies at MetLife Stadium.

  • Total touchdown passes by Peyton Manning: O/U 1.5 (-200/+175)

Now I realize that this bet goes against practically everything I've already said, but the fact is that Manning has only thrown a total of two touchdown passes in the two Super Bowls he's played in so far in his career. While I do see this game featuring a good amount of scoring, the stats speak for themselves and the Broncos may not need a 3 TD performance from Manning to win this game. It's easy to forget about Denver's running back tandem of Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball, but both backs have played well in the postseason thus far and for the Broncos to crack Seattle's defensive schemes on Sunday they're going to need a team effort. If you really want to get crazy, Montee Ball scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl is +260, and I'll give you that one for free.

  • Total length of the National Anthem: O/U 2 minutes, 25 seconds (+150/-200)

I'll throw in a few entertaining props to end it, because we all know the most fun you can have betting on the Super Bowl usually has nothing to do with the actual game itself. This one comes courtesy of Bovada and I will gladly take the over on this one, solely because of who has the honor of singing the Star-Spangled Banner at this year's Super Bowl: opera singer Renee Fleming. Now I've never been to the opera, but I know they tend to be a little theatrical and they can hold a note for a long, long time. I think if we ever get to see a four-minute National Anthem to kick off the Super Bowl, this might be the year.

  • How many times will Peyton Manning say "Omaha" during the game? O/U 27.5 (-150/+110)

You might not be getting too much value for your buck on this one, but it's a safe bet -- take the over.

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