Joe Siniscalchi

10 NFL Players Whose Stock Would Make A Killing On Fantex

Created on Oct. 24, 2013 7:00 AM EST

By now you've probably heard about Fantex. As the New York Times describes it, Fantex is a trading exchange where investors can buy and sell interest in professional athletes. These stocks will be tied to a player's "brand". This essentially means all income generated by the athlete (including contracts, endorsement deals, appearances, pensions, etc) will create value for his stock. Investors will have no direct control over a player, they will simply own a share of the brand, as well as receive dividends.

The company will feature Pro Bowl RB Arian Foster for its debut I.P.O. Fantex has fronted Foster $10 million in exchange for 20 percent of all future earnings, and will raise the money via the initial public offering. The stock is meant to track the financial performance of athletes and has a very simple premise: play well or increase the opportunity for financial earnings, and the stock price rises; slip in performance or lose earnings, and the price will fall.

This idea is revolutionary and will almost certainly attract both athletes and investors alike. With the NFL being the most popular league in the country, it makes sense for Fantex to try to go after the football market first. In addition to Foster, here are 10 players whose stock would have great success on Fantex. These rankings were compiled based on a player's production, age, chance at guaranteed money, size of market, expected career longevity, marketability and possibilities for earnings post retirement.

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