Joe Siniscalchi

10 NFL Players Whose Stock Would Make A Killing On Fantex

Created on Oct. 24, 2013 7:00 AM EST

1. QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Who expected two Packers on this list? Aaron Rodgers would certainly be in the running for the best brand to invest in if he were to hit the "market." He is only 29, and if history has shown us anything, Rodgers has another 10 good years left in him (if the Packers can keep him upright).

Rodgers is coming off a fresh five-year, $110 million extension with an NFL record $62.5 million guaranteed. It's crazy to think Rodgers can sign another big contract after his current deal expires. Over the last few years, Rodgers' presence in the media has steadily increased, as he's been featured in endorsements for State Farm, Pizza Hut, Nike and Ford.

He can easily be a steady value, racking up accolades, guaranteed money and endorsements through the years, and also might be a candidate for the booth or studio once he hangs up his cleats. His jersey is the eighth highest selling in the league, and will remain a steady revenue source as long as Rodgers is playing in the league. Those who were to invest in either Manning or Rodgers will be receiving dividends for years to come.

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