Joe Siniscalchi

10 NFL Players Whose Stock Would Make A Killing On Fantex

Created on Oct. 24, 2013 7:00 AM EST

10. DE J. J. Watt, Houston Texans

J.J. Watt is on a quick ascension to becoming the most dominant defensive player in the NFL. He has the perfect combination of age (24), market size, talent and marketability. He already has been on the television show The League, and some of his biggest endorsement deals are with the likes of Ford, Yahoo! Fantasy Football, Nike, Gatorade and Axe.

Watt has had a meteoric rise in popularity across the United States in part to his success as well as these endorsements. He also has the ninth best-selling jersey according to Watt will almost certainly become of one the highest paid defensive players in NFL history within the next two years, and should only expect more endorsement deals to come his way. If he keeps up this level of play into his early 30s (he hasn't even hit his prime, which is scary to think about), he should see two more big-money contracts.

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