10 Reasons Why American Football is Better Than World Football


By Guest Football Writer A.J. Morley

  1. The Commentary: Nobody does game analysis better than these guys. Pro football is a made-for-TV event. The better the technology has become the better the analysis and the experts really are experts, not ex-soccer players pointing out the obvious.
  2. The opposition. Unless you support one of the very top teams in soccer there is always the risk your team will be relegated, meaning they will end up playing Crewe Alexander on a Saturday rather than Manchester United. Your NFL team won’t win every year – but at least they will be in the mix.
  3. Cheating isn’t part of the game. Soccer players dive for penalties, waste time to run down the clock and commit professional fouls to stop a promising play. Doesn’t happen in football. You can still tackle in the NFL – hard!
  4. Cheerleaders!
  5. If football players curse at the ref or argue a decision they’ll be facing a 15-yard penalty – and the wrath of their teammates.
  6. Football’s not stuck in the dark ages relying on the human eye to make decisions that can have a huge impact on a game. We have instant replay technology. Why not use it?
  7. The NFL is many things, but it’s not corrupt. The next two World Cups will be played in Russia and Qatar. Enough said.
  8. Games aren’t decided on penalties. You have to win, fair and square.
  9. It’s all about strategy. Each play is a contest unto itself.  It’s not just kicking a ball around hoping someone will come up with a flash of inspiration.
  10. NFL teams don’t change their shirts every five minutes to rip off fans with new home, away and third change kits every season.

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