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2-12 Texans Approaching History

Created on Dec. 19, 2013 3:05 PM EST

The Houston Texans haven't been in the playoff picture for quite some time, so they won't be hearing the beloved sports phrase 'win or go home' any time soon.

Instead, the Texans might be hearing 'win and stay off the record book.' Let me clarify that the NFL record book has prestigious records and shameful ones. It does not discriminate.

The Texans, bless their hearts, are currently riding a 12-game losing streak. If they lose this Sunday's home game with the Denver Broncos, and then the season finale at Tennessee, then let's look at which records they will ink their names into.

-Most Consecutive Games Lost, End of Season

Four teams will forever be linked with this rare feat: the 2008 Detroit Lions and the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers--both went winless the entire season, as well as the 2001 Carolina Panthers that lost 15 games to close out the season and the 1990 New England Patriots that dropped 14 to close out that campaign.

If the Texans don't win one of their next two games, then the 2013 Texans meet the 1990 Patriots and the 1976 Buccaneers.

With two more losses, Houston etches its name into three more records: Most Games Lost, Season; Most Consecutive Games Lost, Season;  Most Consecutive Losses Without Victory, Season; and Most Consecutive Games Without Victory, End of Season.

If these records all sound alike, all apologies. The NFL is sometimes precise to a fault.

If the Texans lose out this season and the first four of next season, then it's all-time, baby. They would tie the 1972-1973 Houston Oilers with 18 straight losses. Houston, meet Houston.

Let's not forget it was four months ago that the Texans were talking Super Bowl. But that was before Arian Foster's struggles, and then his season-ending injury, and then Matt Schaub's pick-sixathon, and then his injury, and then Brian Cushing was placed on the IR, and then head coach Gary Kubiak had health issues, and then he was fired, and then Case Keenum came back down to Earth, and then this and then that.

In all honesty, the Texans haven't won a game this season, convincingly. They could easily be 0-14. The season opener saw a collapse by the San Diego Chargers and the Texans taking advantage with 17 fourth-quarter points, thanks in part to their defense. The next week called for another nail-biter and a DeAndre Hopkins miraculous catch in overtime to get by the Titans.

But alas, 2-12 it is. It will be up to Schaub to snap the skid and keep the Texans out of the record books, as he will be taking the ball against the Broncos. By the way, the Texans are already in the record book, twice, but on the positive side: Most Points, Both Teams, Each Quarter (35 with the Dallas Cowboys) and Most Seasons Leading the League in Rushing (6), behind the Bills and the Bears and tied with a group of teams.

Back to today, Schaub will need to outscore Peyton Manning if the Texans are going to win on Sunday. He's capable of leading a high-powered offense as he has shown in past years, but the Broncos are playing for a first-round bye and home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. Good luck, Schaub. Hey, it might just be the final game he starts at Reliant Stadium as the Texans quarterback.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Houston Texans!

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