Jeff Brubach

2012 Most Targeted Players: No. 5-1

Created on Aug. 15, 2013 8:38 AM EST

When analyzing the field of fantasy football pass catchers, whether wide receivers or tight ends, targets are what make the world go round. As opposed to fantasy running backs, who get the luxury of being force fed the pigskin via rushing attempts, wide receivers and tight ends only accumulate fantasy points when the football is thrown their way. Novel concept, I know. The stat defined as a “target,” when a pass is directed at a specific player, tells us a great deal about different fantasy receiving options and how they are used in their team’s offense. On Monday morning while diving into a bowl of Corn Flakes, the number in NFL box scores that should jump out to a savvy fake football player is not receptions, but targets. Sure player “A” may have had four catches for 65 yards, but were they the only four passes intended for that player? Perhaps player “B” ended up with four catches for 65 yards as well but on a far greater number of targets. This simple difference can assist fantasy footballers in identifying which players are not only focal points of their team’s offenses, but have the trust of their quarterback as well.

Let’s now take a look at the Top 10 targeted players in the NFL from the 2012 season and briefly discuss how their fantasy football prospects stack up for 2013. Last week, we checked out the No. 10-6 most targeted players from the 2012 NFL season, so that leaves us with the Top Five. Let’s get to work!

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