Jeff Brubach

2012 Most Targeted Players: No. 5-1

Created on Aug. 15, 2013 8:29 AM EST

No. 2: Reggie Wayne

195 targets

As rookie quarterback Andrew Luck got himself accustomed to life in the NFL, he made a very smart decision: find a top notch wide receiver and feed him the ball. Reggie Wayne came out of the gates in grand fashion last season, as he received 60 targets from Andrew Luck in the Colts first four games. This torrid pace of targets continued throughout the season, as Wayne was an integral part of Luck’s very impressive rookie season. For 2013, the Colts have a new offensive coordinator in town in Pep Hamilton and it may slightly alter how Luck moves the ball. Hamilton’s offense should be more focused on shorter and intermediate passes rather than forcing the ball up the field as the Colts did under Bruce Arians last season. This means Wayne should still be a target monster this season and is in store for yet another fine year to add to his long and productive NFL career. Father time (Wayne is 34 years old) is the only factor that will prevent Wayne from making another appearance on this list next year.

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