Jake Ciely

2013 Fantasy TEs: Gronk Isn't 1st, Or 2nd, Or...

Created on Apr. 14, 2013 10:38 AM EST

Vernon Davis, SF

I guarantee many will rank Davis higher, and possibly even have him in the Top Five. Sorry, but that’s not happening here. The reason people are hyping Davis for 2013 is the same it’s always been: Davis is a freak athlete. Few tight ends have more athletic ability and can outplay defenders – whether linebackers or safeties – as Davis can. However, that hasn’t translated into consistent success for Davis. The 2009-10 seasons saw what Davis could bring with 124 receptions, 1,879 yards and 20 TDs, but every other year has left owners wanting… especially 2012. After his hot start (40 FP the first three weeks), Davis scored 45 FP the rest of the way, finishing in 15th. Everyone campaigning for Davis will point to the NFC Championship and Super Bowl, as Davis had 106 and 104 yards, respectively. This is still the same Davis that Colin Kaepernick seemed to forget about for seven weeks, which includes the playoff game against Green Bay. On top of that, we still have questions about Kaep’s second season, and technically, it will be his first full one. Davis has more upside than any tight end outside of New England and New Orleans, but we’ve been fooled too many times before.

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