Jake Ciely

2013 Fantasy WRs: Will Megatron 3-Peat?

Created on Mar. 31, 2013 5:30 PM EST

A.J. Green, CIN

Like with Marshall prior to his reuniting with Cutler, Green is limited by QB play. As Andy Dalton goes, so does Green. Through the first 12 weeks, Green was the top WR in fantasy with TD catches in all but two games. Then Dalton fell off a cliff. He failed to top 10 FP passing over the final five weeks (two games with rushing TDs bumped his FP totals). As a result, Green had just 34 FP and one TD in that span. Nevertheless, we see the type of numbers Green can provide, and if Dalton can develop some consistency, Green could threaten Megatron the same way Optimus Prime does.

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