Anthony Olivetti

2014 Fantasy Football: Tempering Expectations Pt. 2

Created on May. 27, 2014 9:53 AM EST

This week we'll pick up where we left off on Tempering Expectations. Previously I looked at QBs and RBs who carry unrealistic expectations heading into next season. This week we'll look at the WRs and TEs. 

As I stated last time, these aren't players to avoid, just players that we shouldn't expect to best last season or live up to a ridiculous projection. Some will regress to the mean, some will play a full season, and some will have a high-ADP for no real reason at all. The point being not to overpay for someone purely based on what he did last season or what he's expected to do this season.

If not for a looming suspension, Josh Gordon would've been the posterboy for this slideshow (look at that, he still is). This time last year, a lot of us thought he was the next big thing - I was not one of those people, trading him for a fifth round pick instead of keeping him for essentially forever, and it came back to bite me. Despite sitting out the first two games of the season with a suspension, he burst onto the scene and led the NFL in receiving yards. 

Even if he was scheduled to play 16 games this season, I would have been sitting here telling you not to expect the same thing this season; he'll come back to Earth, everybody does.

Let's look at the players that won't be facing a suspension and did make the list.

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