2014 SEC Heisman Trophy Candidates

Created on Aug. 01, 2014 5:00 AM EST

Dak Prescott And Dylan Thompson

Dak Prescott

The last time we saw Dak Prescott was in the Liberty Bowl in a five-TD performance against Rice.   

Dan Mullen has high praise for his redshirt junior signal caller, but his high praise will have to show dividends on the field Sept. 20 at LSU – if Prescott wants any type of Heisman consideration.    

Dylan Thompson

The 'Ol Ball Coach is talking once again at South Carolina like he did when he essentially won the conference every year at Florida in the '90s.

The only quarterback Steve Spurrier has ever praised publicly was his 1996 Heisman Trophy and national championship quarterback Danny Wuerfell. Now, Spurrier has built quality depth, along with talented skill position players in Columbia, leading towards the 'Ol Ball Coach's high public confidence in Thompson.

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