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49ers Just The Next Step In Titans Road To Recovery

Created on Oct. 17, 2013 9:25 AM EST

One more week.

The Titans have to somehow figure out how to survive one more week. With encouraging news on the Locker front coming on Wednesday (that he returned to practice partially), the Titans can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Though, the last part of this tunnel is the San Francisco 49ers.

It’s not exactly the team you want to see when you’re backup quarterback, turned new starting quarterback, is still trying to find his groove, which he admitted to reporters on Wednesday.

“For some reason, I am not making the plays I need to right now," Fitzpatrick told reporters.

You think? That’s putting it lightly, for a quarterback whose posted a total QBR of 34.2 while throwing four interceptions to only two touchdowns in two and a half games.

But like I said before, the blame of the complete destruction of the Tennessee offense can’t be entirely dumped on Fitzpatrick. Another huge factor happens to be the Titans’ opponents in the past few weeks.

They have faced five of the NFL’s top six defense this season (wow). In the past two weeks they faced the Chiefs (fifth) and Seahawks (second). Their next opponent, the 49ers, is ninth.

Tennessee is 3-3 right now, which not many people thought them capable of before the season started. If somehow they can pull an upset over the 49ers (not saying they can or will), they will be 4-3 heading into their bye week and one game out of first place (at least) in the AFC South.

That’s the best-case scenario right now for the Titans, and after all they’ve been through (injury-wise), that would be an amazing feat, honestly.

Though, if they lose to the 49ers, it’s not the end of the world. They would be 3-4, would be able to re-group and, hopefully, be ready to go with Locker back at the helm. Not a bad scenario at all.

The 49ers are just the next step in the Titans road to recover. I don’t like to say that some games don’t really matter, but this one doesn’t really. Not in this scenario. Whether the Titans are 4-3 or 3-4 after this week is, in a way, moot. The important thing is that Locker is able to return after the bye.

If that’s the case – which all signs point to – the Titans season continues after the bye week, not Sunday against the 49ers. 

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