Richard Paolinelli

5 Best RBs In Cowboys History

Created on May. 15, 2013 12:09 AM EST

Robert Newhouse

Calvin Hill could have made it as the No. 5 back on this list. He finished with 225 more career rushing yards than Newhouse, and Duane Thomas might have earned the spot had he spent more than two seasons with Dallas — even though his two seasons were pretty stellar.

Newhouse was more than just another ball carrier for the Cowboys. Primarily a fullback, Newhouse could also fill in at halfback. In 1975, Newhouse led the team in rushing with 930 yards. But Newhouse could also block — he did so for both Hill and Dorsett — and protect. That multi-dimensional ability was just enough to carry Newhouse to No. 5 … for now. DeMarco Murray might have a say in how long Newhouse gets to stay in the top five.  

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