5 Greatest QBs To Don The Burgundy And Gold

Created on May. 20, 2013 10:51 AM EST

Honorable Mentions

Earlier I mentioned that seven names immediately came to mind after contemplating this considerable challenge. One, admittedly, was Robert Griffin III. I think it was habit. Any countdown involving Redskins quarterbacks or the “best of” has to include RGIII, right? Well, no. Not after a single season that felt short of a title. Mr. Hope has some work to do, but based on early returns, his physical health seems the only barrier between him and the upper reaches of this list.

The seventh name was Billy Kilmer. Had this been the Redskins’ Top 6 quarterbacks of all time, Kilmer would have gotten the call. Kilmer was as gritty and as tough as a quarterback comes. Acquired from the New Orleans Saints in 1971, Kilmer was 50-23-1 as a ‘Skins starter in the regular season, and led the team to Super Bowl VII in ‘73. Kilmer’s shot at pro football immortality ended in disaster. Undone by a frustratingly conservative game plan and a stout Miami defense, Kilmer couldn’t even muster a single offensive point, and threw three interceptions in a 14-7 loss. The Dolphins polished off an undefeated season and Kilmer was left to absorb a bitter defeat.

There you have it: the definitive list of the Top 5 Redskins quarterbacks in franchise history. Debate is encouraged and complaints are accepted, but compliments are preferred.

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