5 Redskins That'd Be Great To Share A Beer With

Created on Jun. 27, 2013 12:59 AM EST

Sonny Jurgensen

Yes, Jurgy is an obvious choice, but the potential material to comb through with the legendary quarterback is undeniable. There was the trade that brought him to Washington from Philadelphia in 1964, the quarterback controversy of all quarterback controversies with Billy Kilmer in the early 70s, his relationship with George Allen, his second career as the (with Sam Huff’s recent retirement) iconic voice of the ‘Skins and his intimate knowledge of the bizarre, confounding and frustrating Daniel Snyder regime.

In his nearly 50 years with the organization, Jurgensen’s thrown balls to Hall-of-Famers Bobby Mitchell and Charley Taylor, played for Hall-of-Fame coach George Allen, was in the booth for all three Super Bowl wins and has, at age 78, undoubtedly aged like wine into “Grandpa Redskin.” He is literally a national treasure in Washington, D.C. He also hasn’t lost his inner rascal. Jurgensen played with a beer belly (an endearing trait), and was an exciting gambler with the football. He was a gunslinger before Brett Favre made it cool and certainly before Favre became creepy and self-absorbed.

Oh, and what’s the one thing I’d want to know above all else? Is Jurgy a little bitter over his date of birth when he watches today’s pass-happy NFL? Does he look at Peyton Manning or Tom Brady in the no-huddle and think, “if only?” Does he see a shotgun formation and an empty backfield and see heaven on earth?

Hmmm … I’m not sure a beer will be sufficient. Bartender, we’re going to need a pitcher.

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