Chris Stephens

Seven Biggest Games Of The SEC Season

Created on May. 22, 2013 2:34 AM EST

Florida At LSU (Oct. 12)

For all the reasons listed in the previous slide, Florida and LSU will be a big game for both teams.

When looking at LSU's schedule, it's easy to tell they don't have it easy this year. Florida is the second of four big games for the Tigers.

Florida will still have a stout defense, but will also have to avoid turnovers. Like Georgia did in its game last year with Florida, the LSU defense is opportunistic when it comes to causing turnovers.

A loss by Florida won't put them totally out of the equation as they still face Georgia and South Carolina, the two other teams thought to be serious contenders in the SEC East. But a win will put the Gators in a much more comfortable situation.

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