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A Ball Of Butcher Knives And 4 Other Crucial Colts

Created on Sept. 21, 2013 9:12 PM EST

Vontae Davis

When the Colts traded for Vontae Davis during the middle of last season, he instantly became the team's top corner and a change of scenery seemed to do wonders for him. Known for taking plays off and not consistently playing hard during his time in Miami, Davis turned a new leaf after joining the Colts.

When Indianapolis faces off against San Francisco this weekend, a big game for both teams will be even bigger for Davis, who will finally get to square off against his older brother Vernon Davis, the starting tight end for the 49ers. The Dolphins drafted Vontae in 2009, but the mid-season trade to Indianapolis prevented the brothers from playing against each other for the first time last season. The wait will finally be over come Sunday, as Vernon and Vontae will be able to enjoy a family reunion on the biggest of stages.

San Francisco will be without receivers Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham, who are both on the PUP list as they rehab from serious leg injuries, but Davis will still have to deal with veteran Anquan Boldin. Boldin had a monster opening game against the Green Bay Packers, as he had 208 yards receiving on 13 catches, but the Seahawks shut him down last week and held him to one measly catch. Indianapolis doesn't have the secondary talent that Seattle possesses, especially without Landry in the lineup, and containing Boldin could become a real problem in this contest.

If Davis wins the matchup against Boldin, the Colts have a fighting chance to win this game. Keeping the ex-Raven in check will allow the rest of the defense to focus on stopping the run and limiting Colin Kaepernick outside of the pocket. However, if Boldin has anything close to the same success as he did against Green Bay, the Colts simply don't have enough talent on defense to keep the team in the game. Indianapolis will put some points on the board, but winning this game will come down to preventing the 49ers from making big plays, and Vontae Davis will play a critical role in making that happen.

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