Christopher Smith

A Bowden To Coach UAB?

Created on Jan. 19, 2014 6:37 PM EST

The Bowden family has deep roots in Birmingham, Ala., and UAB's football team has for a long time been rudderless to the point of embarrassment. What better fit?

Although many names have been mentioned in connection with the UAB opening, Tommy Bowden is by far the biggest; cited a source Sunday in reporting Bowden is "in the mix" for the job.

The Blazers have failed to win more than five games since 2004, and Garrick McGee stepped down in favor of Louisville's offensive coordinator job after just one miserable season. The team also plays in one of the most dilapidated stadiums in the United States in Legion Field. Part of the University of Alabama system, the school long has gone ignored by the board of trustees, and the facilities are considered poor at best.

But Tommy Bowden, the former Clemson coach, was born in Birmingham. His brother Terry Bowden coached at Samford University in Birmingham as well as at Auburn. Bobby Bowden, their father, was born in Birmingham as well before playing and coaching at Howard College (which became Samford).

The Bowden name carries weight around the country, but particularly in the South and in Alabama. The trustees won't approve throwing huge bucks at any coach, but if Bowden is interested in coaching UAB and helping revive a program that's frankly dead, the school should run, not walk, to him with a contract offer.

Tommy Bowden was 72-45 in nearly 10 seasons at Clemson (through half of 2008) and hasn't coached since.

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