Jon Matthews

A Dreaded Situation

Created on Dec. 01, 2013 10:08 PM EST

After the infamous Jason Babin hair detachment, dreads have been the hot topic again. Babin ripped out a couple of dreads from running back Andre Ellington's head. A couple years ago it was spreading around the league, with various players having their hair covering up the names on the back of their jerseys. Whether it was Asante Samuel, Larry Fitzgerald or even Troy Polamalu's Goldielocks, there was an outcry for how long hair should be. 

Over the summer, wide receiver Torrey Smith cut his dreads. Some people thought he did it for more sponsors or other endeavors like acting. He said: "Just a lil change...same face and big cheesy smile," on his Twitter account.

So, should we rule out dreads and/or long hair in the NFL? Or let the players play?

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