Eric Paolini

A Few Chiefs Predictions

Created on Sept. 05, 2013 3:39 PM EST

Isn't it great? We made it to the regular season. It's been seven months since a meaningful football game has been played. Sure, we had the draft, and OTA's, and training camp, and the preseason games, but c'mon, they all pale in comparison to when the games actually matter. To honor the occasion, here are a handful of predictions for the Chiefs 2013 season. 

The Chiefs will start off slowly, making some people question their sleeper status. Once they get past the three NFC East teams they play in the first quarter of the season, their schedule gets a bit easier. After everything is said and done, the Chiefs will finish with at least eight wins. The Jaguars, Titans, Raiders (twice), Browns, Bills, Colts, and Chargers (twice) are all winnable games for the Chiefs. I think they will snag a win in one of the Cowboys, at Eagles, or Giants matchups. I say they split with San Diego and get swept by Denver. Quickly tally up those numbers and they are a 9-7 team. Comparisons to last year's Vikings or Colts are fairly apt. While this team won't go from worst to first, I think it will go from worst to borderline playoff team. 

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