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A Good Gamecocks Tailgate Spot

Created on Aug. 24, 2013 5:26 AM EST

College football is about so much more than the action on the field. Of the many great traditions that add to the experience of pulling for your favorite team, tailgating is perhaps one of the best. In that vein, I’ll point out a fun place to grab some grub and suds before heading down the state fair grounds for a night game or a fun spot to soak up a victory after an afternoon bout.

Not being much of a foodie, I tend to opt for establishments that can offer an excellent range of ‘adult beverages.’ In Columbia, one of the biggest and best spots for the refined beer drinker is Liberty Tap Room and Grill.

The main feature of the Tap Room is, as the name suggests, a wide array of beers. Everything from local — including the Tap Room's own micro-brews — to regional concoctions to the familiar national name brands are available. To most effectively sample those offerings, fans pre-partying or post-partying a Gamecocks game probably want to stick to the bar area or the outside patio or the beer garden.

There is a restaurant section inside and the food at Liberty Tap Room and Grill is worth ordering, but the experience of being in booths or at a bar with fellow football fans makes seated dining seem a little too formal.

While pouring down craft beers in the cool bar setting, you might notice that your compatriots in the Tap Room are not obliviously drunk college kids. To me, this might be the best part about the Tap Room as a pre- or post-game destination. Rather than stand shoulder-to-shoulder with frat guys down at some Five Points bar serving up stale beer, the Tap Room tends to cater to a mid-20s and older crowd.

It’s by no means a bar for old people. They’ll be plenty of cheers and jeers from the patrons as the action on the numerous TVs unfolds, but it’s all done by football fans that, shall we say, know how to drink.

So if you’re looking for a casual Saturday football spot, the Liberty Tap Room and Grill fits the bill. It’s a chill atmosphere with an epic beer list and enough TVs to see what’s going on in the rest of the football world.

That's my suggestion, but of course the comment section is open if you've got your own spot worth sharing.

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