Alexis Roberts-Kamin

A Jaguars Superbowl Win: What are the Odds?

Created on Sept. 15, 2013 9:31 PM EST

The Vegas odds for the Super Bowl are in. Wouldn’t you have guessed it, the Jaguars are at the bottom of the heap! In addition to this, ESPN also recently placed them dead last in their uniform power ranking. To add insult to injury, this year the odds of the Jacksonville Jaguars winning the Super Bowl are 200-1, while last year they were 150-1. Seems that the Jags aren’t getting any easy breaks this season. While some people may say these odds are impossible, let’s take a look at the odds of a few different random events, just to put 200-1 odds in perspective.

I’ll start with an obvious one. Odds of being struck by lightning are 835,500-1. Now these odds really seem impossible, but you know what? It still seems to happen.

Odds of winning an Olympic Medal are 662,000-1. This is probably only because the same insanely talented athletes come back every four years and keep winning all of the medals for themselves. Sometimes we hear about Olympians coming home decorated with an outstanding number of medals. Remember Michael Phelps? He has 58 of them and he is part of the reason the odds are working against the rest of us.

Odds of getting an injury from shaving are 6,585-1. It’s safe to say that while most of us have probably been fortunate enough to not get a serious injury from shaving, we have all probably gotten a cut on more than one occasion. It’s a fact of life, it happens all the time and look at those odds, we are still beating them.

Odds of getting a hole-in-one are 5,000-1. Now, I don’t know if the odds change at all for mini-golf, but I had a game once where I made four hole in ones happen. I am not a geometry genius, I just got lucky and I bet a fair number of you can say the same.

Now, to put a Jaguars win in perspective, the odds of writing a New York Times Best Seller are 220-1. These odds seem pretty good, considering that most of us aren’t even working on novels right now.

Another event with 200-1 odds is having your identity stolen. This has already, unfortunately happened to many of us, I’m sure. It is something many of us live with a mild fear of because of the hassle that comes along with identity theft. We take actions on a daily basis to keep our identities safe.

Odds of living to 100 years old are 50-1. Modern medicine has it looking more likely that many of us will live to see a triple-digit birthday. What’s wonderful about this is that with all of those extra years, we will surely have time to see a Jaguars Super Bowl win in this lifetime.

Here is one last number to ruminate on this season. The odds of even becoming a professional athlete are 22,000-1. All of the players on the Jags have managed to beat these odds. If they can do that, 200-1 should be a cakewalk. You’ll be able to read all about it in my New York Times Bestseller that I have the next 70 years to work on, if the odds are in my favor. 

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