Christopher Scali

A New Sword Is Sharpened In Tampa Bay

Created on Oct. 18, 2013 9:28 AM EST

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a new feather in the good ole' pirate hat in rookie TE Timothy Wright from Rutgers. The Bucs carried four tight ends into the start of the 2013 season and it took the team until Week 6 to find this new treasure. Wright flourished last Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles with 91 yards, including a huge 67-yard reception. From what I have seen, Wright is an incredible asset with this rebuilding offense. In the past five games, Wright has 13 receptions for 138 yards and is averaging 10.6 yards per reception and is starting to build a strong chemistry with fellow rookie Mike Glennon. Look for Wright to find the endzone for his first score this weekend against the low-flying Atlanta Falcons.

Wright is that under-the-radar battleship getting ready for battle down in the misty bay. He has the speed, strength and power to get the Buccaneers first downs and touchdowns. In last week's game, Wright caught four of his seven passes on third downs and they all resulted in first downs. Keep a sharp eye on Wright this Sunday against the Falcons. I am expecting an 80-yard, one touchdown performance against this lacking Atlanta defense. Wright is going to flourish and he is the new cannon that the Buccaneers needed.

Wright has very deceptive speed to make defenders miss in coverage. Wright is going to get better and will add fire to this growing Buccaneers offense. As of right now, Wright has taken over the starting job from veteran TE Tom Crabtree, who has been struggling with an ankle injury and has been limited in practice. It looks like Crabtree will be second banana moving forward.

I will be looking forward to seeing Wright’s performance this Sunday. He may prove to be a vital key for success with the sinking Buccaneers. Struggling fantasy owners should keep an eye on him and pick him up while he is still available.

There will be a big dog fight in the Georgia Dome on Sunday and Atlanta better have a big telescope on No. 19 or he will be making them walk the plank.

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