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Aaron Murray vs. Zach Mettenberger

Created on Jun. 25, 2013 4:01 PM EST

The 2009 recruiting class netted quarterbacks Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger for Georgia.

Both players were four-star quarterbacks (according to and competed for the starting job in 2010.

Ultimately, Murray won the job and the Bulldogs haven't looked back since.

Due to certain circumstances, Mettenberger was released from the team, basically giving the job to Murray.

However, Murray has proven he was the right man for the job regardless of what happened to Mettenberger.

The Case For Murray

Murray progressively has gotten better in his three years as a starter.

As a freshman, Murray threw for 3,049 yards, 24 touchdowns and eight interceptions. In 2011, he threw for 3,149 yards, 35 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Last year, Murray threw for 3,893 yards, 36 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

While the numbers looked good his freshman year, Georgia's record was not good (7-6). To add insult to injury, the Bulldogs lost to Central Florida in the Liberty Bowl.

However, the following two years, Murray helped lead Georgia to the SEC Championship Game, while last year saw him nearly lead the Bulldogs to the national championship game.

This year, the expectations are just as high, but Georgia fans think this could be the year for the job to get done.

The Case For Zach Mettenberger

Mettenberger's career at Georgia ended quicker than it started. He plead guilty to a sexual battery charge stemming from an incident in Valdosta, and was kicked off the team soon after.

He soon moved on to Butler Community College where he passed for 2,678 yards with 32 touchdowns and four interceptions. He then transferred to LSU in 2011 and took over as the starting quarterback in 2012.

In his only season as a starter in Baton Rouge, he passed for 2,609 yards, 12 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

However, the Tigers did only lose three games (Florida, Alabama and Clemson), with an Alabama touchdown in the final seconds dooming LSU. Had Alabama not scored, LSU would have been in the SEC title game instead of the Tide.

This year, Mettenberger is expected to contribute more and lead LSU to the SEC title game.

The Winner: Murray

The stats speak for themselves, although some would complain about LSU's lack of offense.

However, Murray hasn't gotten into trouble and has been focused on winning at Georgia.

We can't be sure if Mettenberger would have done the same or not, but Georgia fans have to admit the last two years have been a great ride.

Mettenberger struggled putting up points against good defenses, while Georgia only struggled against Florida.

Murray has given Georgia fans everything they could have asked for, except an SEC and national title. This year, he can complete that.

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