Air Force vs. Navy: Shut Down By The Government

Created on Oct. 02, 2013 2:50 PM EST

President Obama's administration endured the shutdown of the American government Tuesday.  

No matter if you are for or against the reason it shut down, point blank, the ObamaCare debate is responsible.  

The President took to Twitter for his thoughts on the circumstances. "The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is moving forward. You can't shut it down. - President Obama #ObamaCare," the President proclaimed to his nation. That's almost akin to former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin declaring he'd sing Rocky Top after a victory in the Swamp.

Could the college football world be affected by the government shutdown as well? It's already happened.

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun had to cancel his weekly coaches media teleconference Tuesday.  

In a email Tuesday morning, Air Force associate athletics director Troy Garnhart, wrote: "Due to the government shutdown today's press conference with head football coach Troy Calhoun and selected football players is cancelled. Should the government shutdown end we will look at rescheduling. There will be no media availability with coach Calhoun or players today."  

Air Force was scheduled to play at Navy on Saturday in one college football's most prestigious games and the first part of earning the right to claim college football's most prestigious non-crystal award: The Commander-in-Chief's Trophy.  

As of an official announcement Tuesday, the government shutdown canceled Air Force versus Navy.    

Garnhart told The (Annapolis)Capital newspaper that upper-class cadets at Air Force are considered military personnel, which means they could be subject to travel restrictions under the shutdown.  

Ultimately that was reason for Saturday's game cancellation and it could mean more games being cancelled.  

Air Force will be the Thursday night stage next week as the Academy plays host to San Diego State. There is an off week after next week's Thursday night game, but if the government still is shut down, then Notre Dame's visit to the Academy Oct. 26 could be in jeopardy.  

The last government shutdown in 1995-1996 lasted weeks. The government first closed from Nov. 14-19 and then again from Dec. 16 to Jan.6    

As far as the current shutdown, there really is no telling how long it will last with the division that has accumulated in Washington.  

So who's to blame for taking away our football? Is it soley the President's fault? No. The house Republicans are to blame as well. The President's tweets do not help either. Bi-partism needs to occur to end this matter and reading the President's tweets, it appears that will be delayed even longer.  

It is a shame how politicians located nearly 37 miles from the site of what should be Saturday's game are letting the free Americans that make this great country, along with the Cadets and members of the Navy that fight for this country, to suffer in their own freedom and sport. But what do you expect? They make the rules. It's an unfair situation no matter if one is for or against ObamaCare.  

The moral of the story is that each free American stands for something. Both Republicans and Democrats need to realize that. The citizens make them, not vice versa. 

There still is one last hope for Air Force and Navy to play. A military source said there's about a "50/50 chance" that the game will be played with conference fees, conference TV money and ticket revenue making up for a lack of government funding. If private funding falls through and the government remains shut down by 10 a.m. Thursday, the game will stay cancelled.

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