Mike Edler

Are Britt And Johnson The Problem In Tennessee?

Created on Oct. 07, 2013 10:05 AM EST

The Titans fell to 3-2 after a roller coaster ride of a game against the 5-0 Chiefs in Nashville, but what went wrong?  You could say it was the questionable roughing the passer penalty of Moises Fouku to basically seal a victory for the Chiefs, but the Titans had their chances and failed to capitalize. The question I raise is, is it possible that Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt are the problems with the Titan’s offense?  

Looking at the game yesterday Kenny Britt was ineffective in the pass game, catching one ball and dropping another crucial one on a third down. He has been ineffective all season and was even benched a few weeks ago against the Texans. Britt has been a liability in every aspect of the game and even misses blocks that even mediocre wide receivers should be able to make.  Looking forward I believe the Titans should cut their loses and trade Britt for whatever they can get. The Lions and Patriots are teams that come to mind that would take a run at Britt and see if they can turn him around. I would take a 5th round conditional pick for Britt right now!

Chris Johnson is a different story.  The once CJ2K has fallen from grace and has coined the name CJK over the past few seasons. Johnson is easily the biggest boom or bust player in the NFL and Sunday’s game was a perfect example. Having 10 carries for 17 yards is a horrible stat line, but his 49-yard touchdown on a broken shuffle pass play shows that he can make plays at anytime. Watching him for years now, I have never seen a player that is so fun to watch, but at the same time makes you pull your hair out.  When Jackie Battle and Ryan Fitzpatrick have more rushing yards on less attempts it makes you think Johnson isn’t the answer anymore. Johnson’s consistent follies put the Titans in a hole when 1st and 10 turns into 2nd and 11 or 2nd and 9 constantly. I can’t imagine a scenario where the Titans trade him with his salary and with his reputation of being such a streaky player.  In this case the good outweighs the bad and the Titans have to stick it out with him.  Maybe the Johnson will have a resurgence when his Smash returns in form of Shonn Greene.

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