Timotheus Gordon

Asante Samuel To NBA Player: TMI

Created on May. 03, 2013 11:39 AM EST

NBA veteran Jason Collins made sports history recently by becoming the first active professional athlete from one of the four major sports to admit he was gay. During a Fox Sports Radio interview, Atlanta Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel expressed support of Collins' decision to announce his sexuality to the public. However, Samuel also questioned why anyone, including Collins, needed to share such information.

"All respect, you know, I have nothing but respect for the people, whoever, and decisions they make and whatever," said Samuel, the four-time Pro Bowler. "But you know, you don't have to show it and flaunt it like that."

"Who says you had to announce what you are and that has to be talked about because you're playing a sport," Samuel added. "Talk about the sport, how good you do in the sport."

The Falcons defensive playmaker should realize there's a reason why Collins came out the way he did. It's not to spread his business to the media. I believe Collins could have helped other active professional athletes to come out of the closet, including NFL players. More importantly, it may lead to more openly gay players becoming role models for the LGBT community and younger gay football players looking to play and be accepted in the NFL.

It's Samuel's opinion and he can say anything he wants. That doesn't mean we can't find any flaws with his commentary. While it's important that performance is the main thing that matters in football, certain topics (such as sexuality) must be talked about in the football world.

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