Timotheus Gordon

Atlanta Must Sack Idea To Sign Seymour

Created on Jun. 11, 2013 7:10 PM EST

Richard Seymour is an enticing pickup for the Atlanta Falcons, especially when you consider how the team's defense played last season. However, signing Seymour could be considered a waste of time since Atlanta drafted two defensive ends for depth and development. As a result, the Falcons should focus on making the defensive line a solid unit for many years to come as opposed to assembling a line that is made up of players who are close to or already in their 30s.

The Falcons head into their offseason programs with improvements having been made on the defensive line, including the signing of former Giant Osi Umenyiora and drafting two players the team hopes will be their "diamonds-in-the-rough" in Stansly Maponga and Malliciah Goodman. Umenyiora is a farily safe bet to put more pressure on opposing quarterbacks while Kroy Biermann may have some competition coming from the two rookies if he does not improve his productivity on the field (in his best season to date, Biermann had 52 tackles and just four sacks). Regardless, Maponga and Goodman can still be viewed as threats even with limited playing time.

The defensive end depth on the Atlanta roster should also be taken into consideration as the team is currently carrying eight of them to this point. Because there does not appear to be enough room for Seymour to join the team as an end, it seems the only way Seymour can be a Falcon is if the coaches convert him into a defensive tackle. If that is the case, Seymour may be a good fit as Atlanta's 4-3 defensive scheme depends on fast and lighter interior linemen.

On the other hand, Seymour has two things going against him. The former Patriot and Raider turns 34 in October, so it is not guaranteed that he will have enough gas left in the tank to make a huge impact for the defense. Additionally, his production has been on the decline for the last two seasons as he finished with 29 tackles & six sacks in 2011 and roughly half the tackles, sacks and games played in 2012 (he only saw action in eight games).

The defense, more specifically the play of the linemen, will determine how far the Falcons go this year. Instead of pursuing an aging Seymour, Atlanta should focus on building around a younger defensive core to help the unit blossom into a more dominant force within the NFC South. 

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