Back-to-Back Losses in December: Is Tom Brady Done?


Say what you like about the New England Patriots – they know how to get it done in December.

Correction; make that, “they knew” how to win in December.

Fourteen penalties? Three drops? A costly Tom Brady interception in the fourth quarter?

The Patriots playbook has imploded and the big question is inescapable – is this the beginning of the end for the great Tom Brady?

Coach Bill Belichick expressed pride in his players battling all the way after 17-10 loss at Pittsburgh. But they have now lost five games this season, the most since 2009.

They remain ahead in the AFC East, a division they have dominated for going on two decades, but will they be able to dominate the play-offs the way they have in past seasons?

Lots of questions remain and Brady and the Pats have always found the right answers in the past. It remains to be seen if they can pull it off again this year. The signs are that maybe they can’t.