Christopher Smith

Bahamas Bowl Set For Christmas Eve

Created on May. 08, 2014 7:34 PM EST

Move over, Hawaii.

In terms of exotic Christmas Eve bowl destinations, Nassau, Bahamas, may be the new king. Tribune242, the Nassau paper, reported the game will kick off at noon ET in Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.

The venue typically hosts soccer games, includes a track around the field and has a capacity of 15,000 that can be doubled with temporary bleachers, according to NBC.

The game is part of a collection of new bowls intended to assure smaller FBS conference teams a chance at postseason play. There already has been some shuffling, but as of now, Conference USA and the Mid-American Conference will play in the game most often. The American Athletic Conference and Sun Belt Conference also will send a team to play in the game sometime in the next six years.

“I know a good opportunity in athletics when I see one,” said Dr. Sydney A. McPhee, the Bahamian-born president of Middle Tennessee State. “And I’m here to tell you ladies and gentlemen, that the Bahamas is emerging now on a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase, not only the beauty of the sun and the sand and all of that, but the beautiful culture, the people, the history, that the world has yet to see.  

“When people typically think about the Bahamas, they think about coming to the beaches. There’s no other place like the Bahamas. But the people and the culture and the history is an opportunity for the government of the Bahamas to display around the world in terms of being displayed on ESPN. So this is an opportunity that this country needs to seize and run with it.”  

There are worse places to spend several days in December, and it seems like a neat trip for a couple of college teams.

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