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Carles Puyol: Oh Captain, My Captain

Another rainy day for Barcelona has arrived. Carles Puyol, who has been the team's captain for the past 10 years, has announced he will retire from the club at the end of this season. The time to take a look at the player's career has arrived... Read more

Chelsea vs Galatasaray: Anything Can Happen

Another not so happy night for Chelsea: when it seemed like the British side had the game under complete control and that they could do whatever they wanted to Galatasaray, the Turkish team turned the game around and finished on top of them - if not... Read more

When a draw feels like a defeat

21:57 p.m at The Hawthorns and the game just ended 1-1. Ivanovic scored for Chelsea just before halftime and Victor Anichebe scored a late equalizer on the 87th minute, stealing two precious points from José Mourinho's side... Read more

Gary Cahill, The Quiet One

Gary James Cahill, 28 years old, born in Sheffield, England, has been playing for Chelsea since January 2012. He's not showy nor eccentric, he's not aggressive nor distracted - he's effective... Read more

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