Joe Darrah

Belly Up: 5 Cardinals To Drink Beers With

Created on Jul. 10, 2013 12:10 AM EST

1. Larry Fitzgerald, WR: This is a slam-dunk top choice. First, as one of the best receivers of his generation, I'd love to just chat with this guy about the game and how he feels about his legacy compared to the greats of today, as well as the best of all-time. As a Penn State graduate, I'd ask him about his feelings on the renewal of the rivalry with his alma mater Pitt, any reservations he might have about the missed opportunity to participate in that rivalry and maybe make a bet on the matchup slated for 2016. I'd also, when the timing was right, get some insight on why he stuck his neck out to the organization a few years ago in his pitch to recruit quarterback Kevin Kolb — and how much he regrets it. Then I'd smooth things over by bringing up his already blossoming relationship with new signal-caller Carson Palmer and what his thoughts are on playing in an NFC West that is now beyond relevant. And, of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't get the real story on how he "survived" the Madden Curse before asking him to pick up the tab. Beer I'd Buy Him: Sticky Fingers — Crazy Mountain Brewing Company 

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