Mike Casazza

Big 12 Aims High For 2014 Draft

Created on May. 03, 2013 10:54 AM EST

No. 1: Colvin Spending Time Wisely At Cornerback

Oklahoma's Aaron Colvin would have been picked in the 2013 draft and probably early on, but he wanted to remove any lingering doubt and finish what he started with the Sooners in 2010. Seeing as though four cornerbacks were taken in the first round last week and Colvin doesn't have a complete history at the position, that was the smart thing to do.

Colvin started all 13 games at cornerback last season, but started 11 at safety in 2011. Colvin was good there and led the team with 84 tackles, but he's a better cornerback and can prove it in 2013. He's noticeable because he looks like a cornerback, not because you hear his name much in a game. At 6-foot and 180 pounds, Colvin is big enough to combat receivers and fast enough to run with them. 

He's a bright player and a willing tackler who the coaches have always trusted. He was a reserve cornerback in 2010 who started against Texas and made seven tackles. The switch to safety worked out and he didn't seem to forget how to play cornerback last season. Colvin had four interceptions and 2.5 sacks to go with his 63 tackles. He'll have to do it again, but his track record should convince scouts and be the best among the Big 12's prospects.

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