Matthew Iorio

Bold Post-Bye Week Predictions For Washington

Created on Oct. 10, 2013 7:30 AM EST

Robert Griffin III Steps It Up

RGIII has already started his season off at a ferocious pace throwing the ball for 1,202 yards passing. Despite this, Washington finds themselves at 1-3. A key to the Redskins' success last year was the constant offensive threat of RGIII either throwing or running the ball. Griffin threw for 3,200 yards and ran for an additional 815 yards last year. This year, he has only run for 72 yards. RGIII's ability to run and throw the ball last season kept defenses guessing. Now, opposing teams can mainly game-plan for RGIII passing and Alfred Morris carrying the football.

With the guessing game gone, so is the threat.

I say RGIII has had enough of losing and enough of staying in the pocket. He proved himself to be a winner last year, and winners will do whatever it takes to help their football team win. In this case, I think RGIII will begin to run the ball more, and the Redskins may call more read-option plays. Also, the more the quarterback runs with the football, the more confidence he will build in his knee, which will be very important for Washington's success this season. 

Prediction: RGIII finishes the season with 4,100 passing yards, 26 passing touchdowns, eight interceptions, 500 yards rushing and four rushing touchdowns.