Peter Fournier

Boldin Not The Answer For 49ers

Created on Apr. 18, 2013 12:07 AM EST

Anquan Boldin must be one inspired football player right now.

Just weeks after he helped Baltimore win its second Super Bowl in franchise history, he was shipped to the San Francisco 49ers — the team he helped beat for the Vince Lombardi Trophy — for a sixth-round pick. Boldin refused to take a $2 million pay cut. The trade was his “punishment.”

In other words, the Ravens thanked Boldin for getting them ring No. 2 by asking him to help pay for Joe Flacco’s contract. Boldin said no, the team frowns on him and sends him packing West to what’s technically the No. 2 team in the NFL for pennies on the dollar.

It’s sad to see a team thank a player that was so clutch during a championship run by throwing him out the door; that’s essentially what happens when you you’re traded for a next-to-final round draft pick.

Boldin finished the postseason with 380 receiving yards and four touchdowns in four games. He grabbed 22 receptions and averaged 17.3 receptions per catch on the Ravens' Lombardi run.

Of course, being traded to the 49ers isn’t the worse thing in the world. The Ravens could have shipped him to Oakland, Arizona or Jacksonsville and for a higher price. Baltimore got rid of a “problem” and got some compensation for it.

San Francisco filled a void left by Randy Moss and gave away one of its 15 draft picks this year. Colin Kaepernick gets a solid top-of-the-depth chart wide receiver to add to the pass-catchers he already has.

Do the Ravens actually lose this trade? Boldin isn’t getting younger and Baltimore has full faith in Joe Flacco. The $20 million per year contract shows the Ravens trust Flacco more than they trust anyone on their team. He’s the boss. Boldin was his pawn. Flacco probably isn’t happy Boldin was shipped off, but money and teammates be damned when it comes to paying the star QB.

What do the 49ers gain with Boldin? They have an experienced wide receiver who can more than likely help Kaepernick and Crabtree develop even more. He’s essentially on a one-year loan with his contract expiring after next season.

San Francisco still hasn't addressed its needs at cornerback. San Francisco signed former Ram Craig Dahl to a deal but still lacks coverage on the outside, as Boldin and the rest of the Ravens receivers showed in the Super Bowl. The rumors of several prominent corners visiting the team's facility is a good step forward, but nothing has been made official yet.

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