Eric Paolini

Bowe, Smith Will Lift Each Other's Games in K.C.

Created on Aug. 14, 2013 11:20 PM EST

Charles Might Be Alex's Best Option

Reid will most likely use Charles similarly to his former running back Brian Westbrook. Charles has shown that he can be a capable player in the passing game. The additions of Smith, and especially Reid, will only help. In Philadelphia, Reid’s offense prominently featured his running backs in the passing game. In the 14 years Reid manned the sidelines in Philadelphia, one of his running backs was in the top 10 in receiving yards by a running back nine times. Westbrook wasn’t the only player to accomplish that feat. Duce Staley did it three times and LeSean McCoy did it twice.

The combination of Smith and Bowe is a promising one. I find it very likely each player will have a very good season thanks to each other. But the combination of Smith and Charles is a more interesting one and, potentially, a more dangerous one. 

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