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Brady Legacy Will Moonwalk All Over Manning's

Created on Nov. 27, 2013 9:48 PM EST

Chris Rock had a routine a few year back about the raging debate of the 1980s: Prince or Michael Jackson? This was before Michal died and during the height of the child sex scandal. Rock stated simply, “Prince won.” He was right. And he was right even putting the scandals aside. While Michael was an amazing entertainer, Prince is arguably one of the most talented musicians that has ever lived. During their heydays, in the prime of their careers, it was easy to lump them together and harder to see just how wide the gap was. It wasn’t until 20 years later, looking at the totality of their careers, could you see just how silly the debate was all those years ago. Prince won, and it wasn’t even close.

I thought of this Sunday night after the Patriots and Broncos game concluded. All week I heard people debate, Brady or Manning? I heard all these insane stats proving how close they really are. Listened to people accuse Brady of being a system quarterback. Was forced to look at charts detailing how many Pro Bowls their teammates made over the years. Watched ESPN Sunday Countdown where talking heads actually chose Brady or Manning? And it wasn’t unanimous.


Are people really so close to this that can’t see it clearly?

Tom Brady is the best quarterback of this generation. Period.

You can go with regular season numbers and regular season awards but none of that matters. The only numbers that matter are Super Bowl appearances and Super Bowl wins. Both of which Brady leads. 5-2 and 3-1. And head-to-head meetings which Brady also leads 10-4.

That’s it! Case closed.

And the Manning defenders can take their insane stats and charts and put them away now. They don’t mean anything.  Not after the Broncos blew a 24-0 halftime lead. Not after Tom Brady threw for 344 yards in the same weather that limited Manning to 150. Not after the Broncos left New England with a loss.

Stats and charts don’t mean a thing when you have a set of working eyes.

And the people talking about Brady being nothing more than a system quarterback need to stop embarrassing themselves. They claim Brady couldn’t win without Bill Belichick. With this logic we should conclude Michael Jordan wouldn’t have won without Phil Jackson and Joe Montana wouldn’t have won without Bill Walsh. Both coaches with systems. Both with superstars to make them work.

Bill Belichick didn’t have Tom Brady in Cleveland and last I checked that didn’t end well.

If Manning can make it to the Super Bowl and win this year, this debate gets a little less crazy. However, does anyone really expect the Broncos to beat the Patriots in the playoffs if they meet in cold conditions? After what we witnessed on Sunday night?

I don’t.

And none of this is meant to deny that Peyton Manning is great. That he isn’t one of the best quarterbacks off all time.  

However, he’s not Tom Brady. 

And that’s okay.

“Thriller” is still a great album. Sold a ton of copies and won lots of awards. 

But it’s not “Purple Rain”

And for me, just like Brady versus Manning, it’s not even close.

Week 12 Late Hits:

NFL games ending in ties needs to be abolished. If it weren’t for a muffed punt at the end of the Sunday night game we may have seen two on Sunday. Play until someone wins. And I don’t care if it takes all night.

To say RG3 looks like a shell of his former self is insulting to shells everywhere.

The Giants played a real quarterback for the first time in a month and lost. As expected.

Somehow Greg Schiano has gotten himself off the hot seat.

Ron Rivera is off the hot seat and looking toward a well-deserved extension.

Geno Smith is so bad I will not watch another Jets games until he's not under center.

Matt Stafford is quickly becoming Detroit’s version of Jay Cutler. Four picks, at home versus a secondary missing Darrell Revis for the bulk of the second half is more than unacceptable. It’s pathetic.

San Diego made Kanas City look like an afterthought in the playoff picture.

Atlanta should be the most disappointing team of the year but Houston refuses to allow them to be. 

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