Carlos Medina

Breaking Down The Matt Ryan Deal

Created on Jul. 26, 2013 9:48 PM EST

The new Matt Ryan contract is a “win-win” for both Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons organization. The deal allows for the organization to maintain its cap flexibility while also continuing to pay Ryan handsomely.

As we have reviewed before, the NFL market has established an average salary price point for starting quarterbacks. A $20 million average is for Super Bowl winners while $18 million is for elite franchise quarterbacks who have yet to win a ring. When news broke of the numbers on the Ryan deal, the focus was on the $20.7 million average over the five years of the deal.

As all Falcons fans know, Ryan has not yet won a Super Bowl. In fact, Ryan has only won one playoff game.

While the numbers in this contract reflect those of Drew Brees’ and Joe Flacco's contracts, this extension does not begin until 2014. Ryan will play this season under the terms of the final year of his rookie contract. With that in mind, Ryan will make $10 million in 2013. So technically, he is underpaid if you think about it. 

Taking 2013 into account, Ryan is now under contract for the next six years with the Falcons for a total of $113.75 million. That basically works out to an $18.9 million contract average. Simply put, that is not Super Bowl winner money just yet. That paycheck will come in time if that accomplishment is ever reached.

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