Allen Kim

Broncos LB Von Miller Has An Open Arrest Warrant In California

Created on Sept. 12, 2013 12:51 PM EST

Denver Broncos LB Von Miller just can’t seem to stay out of trouble these days. Ryan Parker of the Denver post reported that Miller has an open warrant for his arrest in California. The warrant stems from a failure to appear in court on a traffic ticket that was issued to him last year.

While the incident occurred last year, one would think that Miller would be doing everything in his power to rectify any past mistakes and stay out of trouble. He was cited for speeding while his license was suspended just last week, and he’s practically daring Roger Goodell to extend his six-game suspension.

A traffic violation is a minor offense that doesn’t register on Goodell’s radar, but an arrest warrant certainly does. This could be the ammo Goodell is looking for to tack on some more games to Miller’s ban.

The Broncos travel to California to face the Oakland Raiders on Sept. 23, and they go back on Nov. 10 and Dec. 12 to face the division-rival San Diego Chargers with a final stop in Oakland on Dec. 29. While this warrant is likely to be addressed before any of those games take place, it’s something to keep in mind considering Miller has already procrastinated long enough in addressing the traffic ticket that it resulted in an arrest warrant.

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