Christopher Scali

Buccaneers Will Win NFC South In 2014

Created on Feb. 01, 2014 8:54 PM EST

It has been quite a few seasons since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the NFC South, so many fans are wondering when this horrible drought will come to an end. The Buccaneers have won three division titles and one Super Bowl, which came all the way back in 2002. This season, the Bucs finished 1-5 in the division and were swept by both the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints. New head coach Lovie Smith has plenty of work to do this upcoming season.

With that being said, the 2014 Buccaneers will be a playoff-caliber team and will contend for a division title. Tampa Bay has all of the tools needed to win football games this year. It will be Mike Glennon's second year in the league and he has proven that he can be a franchise quarterback. Glennon is a mix between New Orleans' Drew Brees and Atlanta's Matt Ryan. He has the arm strength and accuracy to throw the football down the field as well as the ability to run to get a quick first down if the need arises.

The big question mark floating over Smith’s head now is how this team can exact sweet revenge on the Panthers and Saints. The Buccaneers can't be embarrassed again in 2014. The Saints and Panthers have two of the top QBs in the NFL, so the Bucs must beef up the defensive line in the upcoming NFL Draft and free agency period. Brees and Carolina QB Cam Newton do not perform well under pressure and Tampa has had the reputation of having a strong defensive line in the past.

Right now, the weakest team in the NFC South entering the 2014 season is the Falcons in my opinion. Atlanta has been in a playoff drought of their own and the team has plenty of scrapes and burns to overcome. The Buccaneers should have no problem taking down the Falcons next year, as they finished the season at 4-12 and were also 1-5 in the division. The Falcons have just as much rebuilding to do as the Buccaneers, but I am predicting a Tampa Bay sweep.

The NFC South has been a division largely under the radar the last few seasons, and a laughing stock in some occasions as well. The NFC South has had a large amount of talent with just two Super Bowl wins to show for it (New Orleans and Tampa Bay). However, this division will soon become the SEC of of the NFL - unstoppable. I am predicting the Buccaneers will go 5-1 in the division and get a first round bye in the playoffs in 2014. The Bucs have a whole new look and from here on out, they are going to be in the thick of things year in and year out.

The Buccaneers will win the NFC South in 2014. The time has finally come for Tampa fans to shed their paper bag masks and replace them with pride. 

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