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EJ Manuel's Impact On Bills In 2013

Created on Jun. 03, 2013 10:38 PM EST

EJ Manuel was the first round selection for the Buffalo Bills in the 2013 NFL Draft. What will his selection mean to the Bills, NFL and fans?

Buffalo Bills Team
EJ Manuel isn't the only new face on the Buffalo Bills this season. Head Coach Doug Marrone is now in control of the Bills and has a vision of setting around his first ever NFL selection, EJ Manuel. From what we learned in OTAs, Marrone wants to play a fast-paced offense that will tire out and confuse defenses. Manuel will have to go up against Kevin Kolb and Tavaris Jackson for the honors of being Buffalo's number one quarterback this season.

If Manuel does win the starting job, he has all the same tools Ryan Fitzpatrick had last season, plus a few, young newcomers. New receivers include second-rounder Robert Wood, third-round pick Marquise Goodwin and undrafted free agent Da'Rick Rodgers. There's plenty of talent to throw to so all EJ has to do is get the ball out on time and hit these guys close to the numbers.

Buffalo Bills Fans
The NFL experts and most Bills fans expected Ryan Nassib to be their new quarterback this season. First of all, Nassib went to Syracuse University where new Bill's head coach Marrone just came from. One can argue that Marrone's success is due partly to Nassib's success in his college offensive scheme. Also, with great chemistry like they had, why would you not continue it in the professional level?

Secondly, Buffalo and Syracuse are both a part of the Empire State, so one would imagine local fans were rooting for the Syracuse boy to come down I-90 and play for them.

Third, it isn't that hard to believe that many Buffalo fans are also Syracuse alumni. With their Alma mater's head coach coming over to coach their team would be a dream come true. After hearing that, you find out your school's quarterback, a large chunk of your head coach's success at the college level, is also entering the draft and is within range to be picked up by your team.

Instead, the Bills didn't select the two favorites of experts (Nassib and Matt Barkley), to go to Buffalo, but picked EJ Manuel (someone even the Cowboys had projected as fourth round talent). What happened to the two favorites? Matt Barkley was picked up by Chip Kelly's Eagles as their fourth round pick (which they traded up for). Then, the Giants (who rarely trade up) traded up for Ryan Nassib; they already have two first round quarterbacks.

I think Bills fans were flabbergasted with the EJ Manuel pick and may have lost faith in a new coach who didn't have enough faith in his own quarterback. EJ Manuel does seem to be the answer so Bills fans don't seem to have much to worry about.

EJ Manuel seems to be built for Marrone's new offense and will probably have an easy time given the depth at WR and their RB talent. This could prove to be an enigma some NFL defenses will struggle with this season. The game is becoming more fast-paced and I believe the Bills will now be one of those teams who will run a lot and hurt you with the pass when you try cheating up-front.

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