Jo E. Prout

Buffalo Must Carry On

Created on Oct. 29, 2013 6:08 AM EST

Buffalo is having a meager season. Is it because of the new coaching staff? New office staff? New players? The simple answer is “yes.”

Director of Player Personnel Jim Monos and College Scouting Director Kelvin Fisher both joined the Bills in June. So far, their efforts seem lackluster and confused.

The Buffalo Bills cannot stop themselves from passing players around the league like candy, and Monos and Fisher must join Head Coach Doug Marrone as the instigators of this ridiculous player shuffle. With preseason and half of their regular season behind them, the Bills should only be releasing players and adding new ones to deal with season-ending injuries. Not so in Buffalo.

The Bills’ quarterback dance is one case in point. Now working with their seventh quarterback of the year, Thaddeus Lewis, Buffalo is unapologetic.

 “What you want to do,” Marrone said earlier this month, “is you want to make sure at any position, never mind obviously the quarterback one also, is you go out and you say, ‘Ok, is there anyone outside that is out there that’s better?’

“What we did is we went out and we had conversations with some quarterbacks,” Marrone continued. “Again, you’re involved with [CEO] Russ Brandon, [General Manager] Doug Whaley, myself, Jim Monos, [Offensive Coordinator] Nate Hackett obviously are involved with what we’re trying to do...You’re going to this person, talking to that person… We wound up bringing in two quarterbacks for a workout…We brought in Pat White and we brought in [Dennis] Dixon.”

Both White and Dixon were free agents with experience, and the Bills signed Dixon in October.

So, what is Buffalo going to do? Continue to scrounge for players, or put together better game plans? At this point, they ought to do both.

Monos has plenty of experience and should be able to figure out a personnel roster. He scouted first for the Philadelphia Eagles for four years, and then for the New Orleans Saints for eight years, where he worked with Marrone.

Fisher’s background in social work may not be applicable to the current Buffalo players, but his 12 years of experience as an NFL scout should allow him to contribute to the team’s roster.

As for Marrone, he needs to put his head down and push through the storm with the team he already has. Better yet, he needs to formulate strategies that will help Buffalo weather this rookie year together.

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