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Charlie Weis Switches Up Coaching Duties

Created on Oct. 17, 2013 1:38 PM EST

Kansas coach Charlie Weis recognized that the Jayhawks’ offense needed some major changes.

Weis announced Tuesday that he will switch the duties of his assistant coaches in order to help the struggling offense. Ron Powlus, the Jayhawks quarterbacks coach, now is in charge of the passing game, while tight ends coach Jeff Blasko will focus on the running game.

Although Weis acknowledged that he needs to back off some of the game-planning responsibilities and allow his assistants to throw in ideas, he will take on a greater role in other areas.

"I'm going to be much more involved with the coaching of the skill positions, which I think has been lacking," Weis said. "I think that some of the areas we're deficient at I think I can lend an improvement. I'm not pushing any coaches aside, just getting more involved at all the skilled positions and letting Ron and Jeff worry about the nuts and bolts."

Blasko is optimistic about the changes.

"I think at times I was reluctant to open my mouth, and now that I have the freedom to do so, I think it obviously helps," Blasko said.

The coaching staff isn't the only thing Weis has been moving around. In the last month, he has made 13 non-injury-related changes to the starting offense. Kansas has played six different wide receivers in five game.

"This is a large volume of changes," Weis said, "but really we only have so many alternatives now. We're at the point now where we're not going to throw names in a hat and pick out five and that's where we go. We have to start settling down into what we're going to be."

And the settling can't come soon enough as the Jayhawks are sitting at 2-3 and have a tough schedule approaching. Kansas will have its first chance to reveal the changes against No. 18 Oklahoma on Saturday, followed by Baylor, Texas and Oklahoma State.

"It's a bigger concern if you aren't willing to do things to try to fix them," Weis said. "I think we have an obligation as coaches, especially me, to give every effort we have to explore alternatives to try to make things better."

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